How To Expand Your Reach With Facebook


If you have an audience on Facebook, you'll want to make sure you start using it's LIVE video feature. It's best used when something is happening i.e. an event or a quick off the cuff interview with a client. This incites curiosity amongst your followers. Enough intrigued to stop them in their tracks and start watching your video to find out what's going on. Being live it also adds a depth of authenticity to your video, people see you for who you are. 

Anything you share on facebook largely stays within your community of friends. If you're trying to expand your reach to people outside of your networks, Sponsored Ads are the best way for that. Making to most of of all the traffic and being able to get in front of target audience. One piece of advice, if you're going to do this make your video and the post authentic and emotive.

Uploading your video within Facebook is the best way to make most of it's Autoplay features. If you post a link to your video which is being hosted YouTube, your followers have to click on the video to make it play. Whereas if you upload the video directly into facebook it when your followers scroll down their feeds and your video post pops ups the video will start playing automatically. As crazy as it sounds the extra click to play the video can mean the difference of your followers watching your video or not. You can read more about that and why you should include subtitles in our previous post. 

Square Videos are here to stay. The way we watch videos on our phones has redesigned the art of film itself. To this day video has been landscape and some version of a 16:9 image or what is known as a landscape image. The kind you're used to seeing in the cinema or on your TV, if you still have one. Now we scroll through our Facebook feed and these 16:9 Landscape videos look minut. To make the most of the screen space and enable the viewer to not have to twist their phone around videos are now being uploaded in square format a 1:1 image. 

David Dixon