3 Reasons Why You Must Use Vimeo


Vimeo has over 35 million members and over 700 million views monthly. It's Community is built around art & design. Unless that's your tribe, your reach for expanding outside of your community is going to be limited. However on the flip side, if that is your tribe than it's a phenomenal place to share your videos. If your video gets selected as a Staff Pick it's destined to get into the hands of those at the top of the creative field. 

Vimeo ON DEMAND is both an amazing and underutilised feature for people business practitioners. This feature allows you to upload and sell videos online. People can either rent or purchase the video. This could be just one video, or include a series of videos. This is the great way to expand the reach of your public workshop by filming the day and then placing it online. People who can't attend in person can pay to watch the workshop online at a later date.

If you don't have a video on your website, you need to get cracking because. When it comes to embedding (sticking a video on your page) Vimeo has the slickest looking Video Player. With Vimeo Pro accounts and above you can modify the look of the video player. This means you can strip it back, remove the vimeo branding and add your own. It's perfect for embedding on your website. Vimeo provides ad free video hosting, so unlike youtube if someone clicks on your videos it's not going to play ads throughout.

David Dixon