4 Things You Need Know About YouTube


With over 30 million visitors and over 5 billion videos watched daily, it's no doubt one of the biggest video hosting platforms. YouTube is also the 2nd Largest Search Engine with more than 3 billion searches a month. It's also an open network platform, enabling you to reach people beyond your network. This is why the title of your video is so important. You have to put yourself in the minds of your audience. What problems are you helping them solve by watching your video? What would they search for to find the answers they're looking for? 

Let's face it, today we need to be creating our own content and lots of it. To stay fresh in people's minds we need to create regular content that people find engaging. YouTube is the perfect place for hosting these videos and building up your YouTube Channel.

Video Analytics are incredible. They can tell you so much about your viewers habits and engagement in your video. You can see if people are watching the video all the way through, or if they are all dropping off after 15 seconds. You can use this to help shape and create future videos improving every time. The more engaging the content, the longer the viewers will stick around, the longer they stick around the more impact you'll have. Whilst a number of the platforms now have video analytics, Youtube is one of the most powerful.

YouTube LIVE gives you the ability to host an event or workshop and have people all around the world be able to watch live from their desktop. This is incredibly powerful tool. To enable people to be able to be in the room and have access to conversations that you're having and be able to further spread the impact of your event.

David Dixon