Harnessing The Power Of Video


The Internet has exploded with video content and there's good reason for it. Video's are one of the most powerful forms of communication of our time.

There is no doubt that face to face is still the best way for us to communicate. However in today's Internet World, if we limit ourselves to face to face with our customers and clients, we're limiting the overall reach and impact we can have in our business. And while words and pictures can convey a certain level of emotion and connection, the power of video by far outweighs its siblings. 

Videos have a unique ability to create a humanistic connection, activating your senses and triggering off more brain activity. We can see your body language and feel your emotion. We've all watched a movie that has left us in tears as the credits roll. That emotional impact you've felt isn't restricted to just hollywood filmmakers and creators. If you have a phone in your pocket and access to the Internet, you have the ability to reach your tribe in a way that's never before been possible. With real human connection, bottled up in the form of a video. 

Now, just because we all have the tools, it doesn't mean we're going to make videos worth watching. Over the coming months we'll give you a glimpse inside and show you how we go about making our videos. We'll break down complicated film techniques into simple and practical actions you can take to make your own great content.