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David Dixon + Hatsoff


Hey guys, my name's Dave. I'm a melbourne based filmmaker and keen as mustard to join the hatsoff crew. I've been running solo for the last few years, making stuff mainly in the corporate and small biz world, both video and photos.  Over the last year I've been building my skills to make the move into the commercial world. Working for myself has been great, but I'm definitely missing working with a bunch of mates and making stuff together. 

A few years back I co-founded and ran a non-profit organisation called One Girl, which provides woman and girls with access to education. To date One Girl has raised over $3million and supported over 15,000 women and girls. You might have heard of their campaign that was recently all over the news. And before that one of my dreams was to go work over on a Super yacht of in the Caribbean, so you know what they say, 'great minds think a like'.  

On the gear side I run with a Sony a7s2 and Canon primes. If I'm shooting stills I'll use my Canon 5dmk2. On bigger budget jobs I hire gear and run with a RED, Sony FS7 or Canon C300mk2, a Ronin, easyrig and fly my mavic.

I edit in Premiere, After Effects, Lightroom, Photoshop and have the whole Adobe Creative Cloud suite.

As for education I'm kinda self taught. This year I undertook a bunch of courses at AFTRS. They include 'Intro to Directing TVC's, Directing Masterclass, Lighting Fundamentals and Advanced Lighting'. I completed a Bachelor of Environmental Management back in the day, although not so relevant.

Below are some examples of my video work, all of which I've shot and edited. There's more under the work section of this site if you wanna check them out. I've also added a bunch of stills I've shot on film. I thought these looked far more interesting than my corporate/event shots, but if you want some examples of those I can add them. 

I love the work you guys are creating at hatsoff and would love to be apart of it. 

Feel free to give me a shout at or a buzz on 0401 123 123. 


Dave :)